bingschw Wiesn Bingo   hol dir alles aus deinem Oktoberfest Besuch {German}

Wiesn Bingo 2014 Oktoberfest

wiesnbingo screen header 350x490 Wiesn Bingo   hol dir alles aus deinem Oktoberfest Besuch {German}

Wiesn Bingo Screen Shot

Die Wiesn, das größte Volksfest der Welt steht wieder vor der Tür. Ganz München ist im Ausnahmezustand und alle freuen sich auf die einzigartige Atmosphäre, Hendl, Bier und auf Wiesn Bingo – die neue Attraktion auf dem Oktoberfest 2014:

  •  Wiesn Bingo – DAS neue Spiel zur Wiesn


For all of you who`d rather not see me or even worse hear me talk in the coming weeks and month – here is a quick cheat sheet of the bigger events you might run into me or see me on stage. There are quite a few more but I figured I`d list the big ones where the possibility/danger is rather high – so no little events but I`ll cover those in edition two.


TEDxUtrecht campagnebeeld 2014 Meet me @ TEDx Utrecht

TEDx Utrecht


<rant> Bit of a rant, so please forgive me – and I’m the first to admit, that I have often failed to follow these obvious steps many times – as it requires time and effort to follow them.  Just take a look at my old posts for evidence – and then refrain from publicly shaming me – please?


Take 30 minutes every two to three month to browse through your contacts at LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to stay on top of who you know…

You will be surprised, how with the constant fluctuation – people changing roles and moving to new companies – you all of a sudden have a wealth of direct personal contacts at Google, Microsoft, Techcrunch, Yahoo! aso. (replace examples with companies in your industry).


Bildschirmfoto 2012 07 31 um 20.28.08 Today Mark Zuckerberg called Danny Sullivan

Couldn’t help myself….