I stumbled into the social web – part one digg

by Frank Fuchs on January 7, 2007

I haven’t been posting a lot lately not just because it was holiday season at myspace but because I stumbled into mybloglog and digged a little deeper into linkedin, to answer my flickring questions about the new netscape.com.

I really haven’t been seriously playing around with the so called “social web” applications out there till some ten days ago. But now I decided to give it a try.

First I played with digg which for me has a traffic factor of 10 out of 10!
But a social/viral factor of 5 out of 10 (maybe I just need to spend more time on digg)
The fun factor was 11 out of 10 🙂 cause it was very addictive to see the digged story got popular and watching it hitting the homepage and getting a total number of 3694 diggs


And to answer the question how did this message make the digg homepage even so I haven’t had any reputation on digg before (happens to be a lot easier to get your story popular if you have loads of digg friends etc.) here is why I think it did hit the spot anyway.

  1. Number one the Story matched the audience /huh what a secret/ but very important anyway
  2. Number two the description was a little wrong and a little cynical /both without purpose/

So what happened was that loads of people told me how wrong my description is and how I could dare to call the image in question “almost art”.

“very nice catch almost art”.
Almost art? Would drawing a frame around it the photo make it art?

Stop Motion photography is completely different from what this is. This is high-speed photography. Stop motion is stichting together a series of photographs that are very nearly similar to make it look like its a moving picture. Anyone remember the old Godzilla films? Godzilla was usually ‘filmed’ in stop motion. This is also how claymation is done. Just FYI. But youre right in that High Speed photography takes a lot of prep and lighting, etc.

You get what I am trying to say right?

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