Lost my groove and found it again …

by Frank Fuchs on July 22, 2007

During the last couple of weeks I didn’t quite find the courage to face the content monster – I just felt there was nothing worth mentioning going on.

Well that wasn’t quite right and after I rediscovered the problogger site and fortunately found his series of the “rediscover your groove” postings – I didn’t feel that alone anymore and in time like these this is the first step out of the dark – this is dramatized.

So how did it all start? Well I guess one reason was that there are loads of things going on at Yahoo! at the moment – not only do we have a new CEO but as well a new European leader in London.

For us in search and more specific in local search and maps there is just too many things happening at a time right now … you have to be a great juggler to keep all balls in the air at one time – reminder to myself hand back a couple of balls after the holidays.

What else – well I don’t travel so often lately mostly because I’m now in London and people come to visit us as instead of us travelling somewhere else which is another reson to blog less – as being on a plane often gives you time to write and think.

I’ve been to Paris two weeks ago but didn’t bother blogging on the eurostar cause I felt it was not spacious enough. Paris was beautiful as ever but I still have to find my love for the taxi drivers in Paris – I guess.

Live Earth concert London

Uh I’ve been to the Live Earth concert on the 7th of July at the New Wembley Stadium. That was fu**ing awesome. Thanks very very much to Dahlia, who won the tickets and invited me to come along! We saw not only Madonna, Metallica, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, James Blunt, Black Eyed Peas and many more but we had a wonderful day.

I had my first really delicious English breakfast at the same day. Really I’ve tried it a couple of times at hotels in London but always switched back to continental the next day. This one we had at a place pretty close to Dahlia’s place – somewhere round Notting Hill Area.
Really lovely and rather small place – and refreshing to a lot of restaurants and coffee places in London not a chain.

Uh I’ve been to Germany the last week for HOLIDAYS. Going back there and meeting family, dog and friends was awesome! Happened to be that it was my birthday on the 20th so we had a great excuse to go to my favourite Italian place and do some very nice dinner and drinks.

I need to mention that compared to London, where we do right now have temperatures of round about 20 degrees centigrade – in Bavaria Germany we had up to 35 degrees at the same time – It was fu**ing hot and quite some humidity – which made working unbearable – lucky me I didn’t have to work.

So I’m right now travelling back to London. And seems like I’ve found my groove again – this has to be the longest post I’ve ever done before.

I’ll do a separate dedicated one on the Live Earth concert later and promise to get back on topic as well. Loads of things happened during the silent time of no blogging. But I’ve read a lot and got some Ideas I want to share – not only on who will win the Bundesliga in Germany or the Premier League in the UK.

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