The brand new Yahoo! Local – Hidden Features

by Frank Fuchs on August 15, 2007

– very bright and welcoming –

new Yahoo! Local

That has been my first impression when I first saw parts of the design a couple of month ago.
Very much the opposite of what Google Maps looks like. Google Maps takes a much more pragmatic and technical approach to the Local and Maps topic than Yahoo!’s new Local does.

It’s true that it sort of reminds you a little of the ourcity mashup – at least the header – that was done by Yahoo! India and based on a Yahoo! Hackday project.

The “love to detail” is really stunning.

There are so many little enhancements that make life so much easier. Like the little interaction buttons for every listing hidden in the SRP that only appear if you hover over the listing.

hover over a listing in the Yahoo! Local SRP

Or the map that can be enlarged within the search result page – formerly you were taken to the Yahoo! maps product. Also the map will follow you scrolling down the listings. Overall the new Yahoo! Maps are integrated so much more smoothly and intuitive that not only the eye is pleased.

Well I’m definitely biased – but I have to say I love it and this is just the path that Yahoo! should go regarding Local. Well done guys!

Now Greg Sterling has a less biased and more insightful take on the new design go have a read.
Yahoo! Refreshes, Redesigns Local

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