Holiday Season in Local Search – Movers and Shakers

by Frank Fuchs on August 16, 2007

When Germans are fed up with their pets, the French are looking heavy into DIY and the Brits rediscovering their love for the Zoo that’s when you know its holiday time in Europe.

Ice Bear having a dive curtesy of ucumari

The stats of the last couple of weeks did provide us with quite some surprises – really. After weeks cinema related queries in the UK got outranked by real-estate related ones, and bodyculture in Germany got way less attention than animal shelters.

I can’t share any actuals but the story in Germany tells a tale of people probably having problems with their pets in the travel season. The French do love Yoga, Paris and camping and somehow have quite some interest in their social security system. The Brits are way harder to read the – everlasting love for cinemas and real estate – have to tell you the TV is full of shows on real estate here in the UK – is only to be interrupted by a sudden interest in Zoos.

“Mafia” noodles curtesy of Wm Jas

Well and not to withhold the highlight of the day a German restaurant that got loads of attention. “da bruno in duisburg” an Italian restaurant that didn’t get a four star rating in the Michelin Restaurant guide or a new world-class chef but was the scene for a horrible killing of six Italians which is believed to be related to the Calabrian Ndrangheta – which means “Honoured Society” – or simply put the Mafia.

You see that checking your logs and stats is always telling you a story. To be continued…

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