The Empire Strikes Back – New Concept Of Multiple Source Vertical Search by Yahoo!

by Frank Fuchs on August 30, 2007

“The Empire Strikes Back” was the internal code name of what has been launched in the UK last week – Now whether this is referring to Star Wars, the British Empire or the Yahoo! Empire is unclear…
Anfield Road - Liverpool
Anfield Road – Search Yahoo Sport UK

Yahoo Europe has developed a new and powerful search experience pulling content from all over the web and the multiple content rich properties within the wider Yahoo network. Plus a section with related search terms in the upper corner of the SRP.

Not only providing a site search covering the content of the sports property. If relevant it does present you with images, videos, maps, sponsored results, web search results and marketplace content such as shopping offers.

The interface lets you browse multiple results in all core sections – like the site search results, the results from image search and last but not least the web search listings. 

This new search experience is live only since a couple of days and only in the recently relaunched sports channel of Yahoo! in the UK market.

Clearly this is yet another step towards a – one for all – search that will provide the right content at the right time – and this obviously is a big step towards the right direction especially for the less experienced user, that will not necessary use a vertical – topical or special search for every task to complete.

Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC – Search Yahoo Sport UK

Some examples to play with are Football – yes it’s the European thing that you might call soccer – star Didier Drogba.(Offers from shopping)

Anfield – the location of the pitch where famous football club of Liverpool plays its home matches. (A map with the location)

And last Chelsea FC – football club which will trigger some videos.

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