Facebook the new White Pages?

by Frank Fuchs on October 17, 2007

During lunch yesterday, sitting with Danny Sullivan (SMX), Vanessa Fox (Zillow) , Jennifer Stafford (Geico) and Nick ONeill (AllFacebook) – Neil came up with this statement of Facebook being more and more the white pages for the younger generation. And thats true in so many ways and on so many levels.

In todays world people don’t stay at just one place for their whole life and more importantly change jobs, phone numbers and addresses like cloth.
So a white pages directory will not give you the information you were sure to find for a whole generation in these “books”.

This will and has already changed the way we look for person specific information.  I for myself keep track of the things going on with people I professionally know through linkedin and xing (a German based linked). I’ve only recently started to build a profile on Facebook and am still amazed how many of the people I know are on there – and not only the ones working in the industry.

And Facebook recently announced they will open the site to crawlers – this way you will get the information you look for regarding a person in the most convenient way – yay I know people were not all happy about this but think about it – as long as there is no single source for these enhanced white pages information /and I don’t think there ever will be/ web search is probably the best way to cater to the audience.



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