MyYahoo! you’ve lost me for good

by Frank Fuchs on November 9, 2007

I’ve used MyYahoo for more than two years now on a daily basis to monitor and read 80+ RSS feeds.

New layout without favicons in the back

And even if it wasn’t the one online RSS reader with the biggest set of functions and options I liked it because of its simplicity and because using websites and services over time is turning into being a habit and these are not so easily to be changed.

But today is the day where I’ve decided it is about time to change. Why? For once the NEW MyYahoo has been rolled out and it didn’t address any of the issues I have had with the old version. Actually my feeling is that it only got more shiny and singing and dancing – a “look what we can do” sort of service and not a more useful customizable service – but then MyYahoo is not only a RSS reader and what I use it for might just be abuse – however I used it as a RSS reader and it just doesn’t satisfy me anymore.

There are mainly three reasons.

  1. The latency – Somehow the feeds do not update in real time, and even worse it takes hours for certain feeds to get updated. So when I go to some sites listed in my feeds, I’ll see that there is already new posts available since hours without this being displayed in MyYahoo.
  2. Easy orientation – The new MyYahoo does not have the favicons next to the feeds anymore. Thats bad guys! Without them I have no way scroll down the page quickly and find the feed I’m looking for right away. Why would you make me read the site title to identify the site?
  3. Categorization of feeds – I do read loads of work related stuff but there is quite a few feeds I have in my reader that do relate to other areas. Another example is the frequency of reading – I want to have a folder with less important stuff that I will only visit when I’m bored at the airport…

Now I want to stay with an online reader. Many friends use offline tools, but I use too many different machines and devices to settle for an offline application. I’ve figured I’ll give Bloglines another try and the Google reader, cause from what I’ve seen so far they will provide me with what I expect from an online RSS reader.

By the way if someone should feel the same way there is a way to export your RSS feed subscriptions from MyYahoo! as OPML. Just paste this URL into your browser.

And you are good to go.

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Wendell November 12, 2007 at 3:53 am

There’s a whole problem with scale, isn’t there. I liked the older My Yahoo as well. Feeds, yes, but also quick, easy access to my mail, notepad, and briefcase. I’m not interested in sports scores or Hollywood gossip or…

But, then, I was also a loyal Yahoo!360 fan.

Given the scale of web-services, a mere million contented users can mean a service is deemed a failure – in need or repair or disposal. Change is demanded, rewarded, and then… two or three hundred thousand users are left angry or confused over what happened when (for them) everything was going so well.

Improving services by shutting them down (is that like destroying a village in order to save it?) or dramatically changing them is sensible in a “big company – big picture” kind of way, but it’s hard on users.

Frank Fuchs November 12, 2007 at 7:27 pm

Hi Wendell,

Yeah agree the new MyYahoo! is a little over the top. Its a little like mobile phones today – loads of people only want to call someone – and don’t need a all sining dancing photo taking music box.

With closing a service – I can only agree up to some extent. I think its a good idea to concentrate on core stuff and keep focused. I have all respect for Google closing down Answers – cause it didn’t really work for them.

Users will be confused and angry – but 1. we can try to make a move for them as seamlessly as possible and 2. sometimes loved things just go away – reminds me of The Wonder Years – I loved that show and was pretty upset when it was gone.

ex-MyYahoo user July 17, 2008 at 4:17 pm

I too am very disappointed with MyYahoo’s attitude. Their suggestion board is subtitled “We are listening” but I don’t think they are listening (jugding from the many negative comments on that board, many others with think the same).

Just have a quick look at the board and you’ll quickly find more negative respons than otherwise. And many people are thinking (if not already done so) of moving away from MyYahoo to use other front pages.

I myself have started setting up my iGoogle with the same contents I had for MyYahoo. If nothing happens then it will be goodbye MyYahoo for me too.

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