iPod Touch serves as a flight ticket – a real e-ticket

by Frank Fuchs on October 21, 2008

first real e-ticket

For last weeks flight from London to Munich I have gotten my first real E-Ticket. Usually the E-ticket just tells you that you don’t have to bring more than a credit card or a frequent flyer card to grab your ticket either at the airline counter or a quick check in terminal.

That was a little different this time. While I was checking in online just after choosing my seat I was asked if I wanted to print the boarding pass now or send it to my mobile device.

I had a look at the mobile option that was supposed to send you a mail with the scan able code to the device / address specified.

It did arrive in an instant on my iPod Touch. I did get a doubting look at first check on the airport just outside the security check area but did pass without a problem.

At the boarding counter the lady did take the iPod and held it against the scanner – worked perfectly and I could board the pane.

So no paper involved at all – nice one Lufthansa.

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