Yahoo! Answers launches “Suggested Questions” Engine

by Frank Fuchs on March 22, 2009

Late last week Yahoo! Answers got way more awesome! The team launched a new feature that is so much more than just a feature but an evolutionary step for Yahoo’s Q&A service.

For some of the Answers users – the ones who have shown their expertise in certain topical areas – the UI includes a new section on the homepage labeled suggested questions.

The suggestions are based on your most recent activity on Answers. For example, if you recently answered many questions related to a specific make or model of mobile phone, it is most likely that you will get more Suggested Questions related to this subject matter.

But why is that so important? Well in the past when you asked a question on Yahoo! Answers you had to be lucky actually very very lucky to get an answer from an expert in a certain topic area. Just imagine that there are more than 140 Mio Unique Users on Answers in one moth. All living in different countries and time zones all over the world. So when you are located in San Francisco and ask a question about clubbing in London the best people to answer your question – London clubbers – will be asleep and won’t see your question on the Answers homepage. Your question would be long gone by the time they wake up.

But this is only one tiny example on how this new engine will change the way Yahoo! Answers works. Personalization is the big thing these days and what’s good for web search is a paradigm shift for social search.

And yes there are players out there in the Q&A market who have tried to do something similar. But for one this engine is much more versatile, precise and flexible than any of the competitors. Plus based on the unrivaled huge user and knowledge base Answers has already the impact of this change will be very significant.

Now Answers is this place where you “know” where to find an expert for the question you have.

KUDOS to the team at Yahoo! Answers – especially to Dan, Sebastien, Tomasz and Nalika!

There is some more info here in the Help section of Yahoo! Answers

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Juliette March 22, 2009 at 10:45 am

Yup Big Kudos to the Answers team and keep up the good work 😉 It is without a doubt a very cool new feature making Answers even more accurate.

Yoel April 4, 2009 at 12:06 pm

And thanks for your help along the way too!

This feature has excited me more than any other and though it has now launched, it is only the beginning of the road for something that could change the game in the knowledge space.

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