True – I’m leaving Microsoft

by Frank Fuchs on September 26, 2011

But first things first; I still have love for Bing, my Windows Phone, my Xbox and last but not least Microsoft as they have been an exceptional employer. Much like Yahoo! had been for me in the past.

I will sincerely miss the folks from our search technology centers in Munich and London. Jordi, Mike, Antonio, Andreas, Travis, Nick, Ian, Eddie, Geoff, Jasmina, Simon, Thomasz and the others who are working their butts off to make Bing better every single day. And it is tremendous to see where Bing in Europe is today compared to where it has been 3 Years ago.

We/They all know that there is still a long and exciting way ahead, but what has been achieved with the resources at hand is truly remarkable. You guys rock!

Same goes for my local team here – they are a great bunch! Christian who ditched us for Hotmail way too soon – never thought I could get along with someone from the land of crafty road thief’s and home of the most uninspired flag in the world. Not having Christoph sit next to me and nodding and giving good advice when I complain/whine how unfair and mean the world is, will send me in a state of withdrawal.

As to Anton – what can I say – “hod scho passt” which is a Bavarian expression of understatement meaning that it was really great – but a Bavarian would never say let alone write something that extreme.

Well now that you know all is fabulous and shiny you ask why leave then?

There are a few things that are crucial for me in a job. One very important thing is learning new things and getting better at what I do. That was the exact reason to join Microsoft three years ago. I have held multiple product roles in the past and wanted to sink my teeth more into the marketing side of things.

And Bing has been a fantastic place to learn more about this. We launched a global new search product and had and have incredibly smart/clever campaigns running.  Have you seen the Jay-Z campaign????

Witnessing, with and inside out look, how marketing is done on scale is a truly fascinating thing. But now I feel I have learned quite a bit about that and am excited to move on.

Just as important as learning new thing is the craving I have to make an impact.

And as far as my local organization is concerned I was very much encouraged to pursue that. And we did. I’m especially proud of all the work we have put into learning from and enabling the search community in Germany. We have made countless friends over the course of the years and have gotten great insights that we then shared with our engineers to help make Bing better.

Thanks to everybody involved. Special Thanks got to Stefan Weitz, Prof. Dr. Mario Fischer, Marcus Tandler, Uwe TippmannStefan Fischerländer, Alan WebbMarcus Schöberichts, Sandra Finlay, Pascal Fantou, Marco Janck, Martin Missfeldt, Johannes Beus, Hanns Kronenberg , Thomas Bindl, Daniel Melanchton Colm Bracken, Rand Fishkin, Niels Dörje, Prof. Dr. Franz Guenthner, Cedric Chambaz and everybody I’m forgetting now.


As to what’s next… stay tuned!

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paul September 26, 2011 at 2:16 pm

Best of luck in whatever you do next Frank !

Frank Fuchs September 26, 2011 at 3:29 pm

Thanks sir!

Britta September 28, 2011 at 1:37 pm

It is always a good time to explore something new. I am sure your next thingy will be exciting too — please keep us posted!

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