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by Frank Fuchs on June 3, 2012

Just a quick note on something that did bug me – especially how long it took me to find a solution – that I hope will help others.

I’ve installed a chrome extension called Google+Twitter – supposedly synchronizing posts on both sites.

This extension however came with a little surprise, as it hijacked autocomplete on various websites including youtube and bing Looking like the screengrab below.

Autocomplete pro - hijacks Bing

Autocomplete pro - hijacks Bing

As I didn’t have anything installed on my machine by that name “Autocomplete Pro” I couldn’t remove it. If you should experience the same issue – I recommend disabling your installed extensions – one by one and check when the behavior disappears. In my case it was the “Google+ Tweet” extension (image below) but I have seen mentions of Codec C extension as well as something called widdit among others. So just test till you find the one.

You get to the setting page if you click here about:extensions  – or just copy and paste “about:extensions” into your browsers address field.



Once I disabled and uninstalled the above extension SearchEnhance was a thing from the past. Mind: You might have to restart your browser

From the looks of it this is used for data collection. The plugins like Codec C and Google+ Tweet seem to be gone from the chrome marketplace but I would assume similar ones have taken their place.

Anyhow hope this will be useful for others.

UPDATE: Autocomplete`s support reached out to me, to explain their service and discuss my post. They did that in a very professional manner and I believe they do really care about their offering. So I’m happy to include the following information and advice provided to me.

Autocomplete Pro is an advanced Autocomplete service, which helps you perform quicker, more accurate search and get new search ideas as you type.

If you’re still looking to disable the service, we’ve made it easy with detailed instructions on our support page at:

We’ll also highly appreciate your feedbacks and comments, and urge you to submit them using our feedback page:


Autocomplete Pro Support


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