Life Hack: Easy way to protect your online identity – or why the LinkedIn leak didn’t worry me (much)

by Frank Fuchs on June 7, 2012

Due to the recent news about LinkedIn usernames and passwords being leaked to the public and apparently already used to annoy people with phishing mails, I thought I’d share my personal approach to keeping my identity save.

The way I manage all my online accounts without having to memorize 100 passwords works by using a dedicated mail address for each and everyone of the sites. Sounds crazy complicated – doesn’t it?

It’s not – as long as you own a domain and your provider supports the catch-all setting for e-mail accounts. What catch-all does is it forwards every message that is adressed to any combination of words & numbers followed by to a single mail account you specify.

Once you have this set up – you can sign up at any website with a dedicated address. I structure mine something along the lines of [pet name][#+!][name of service] where [pet name][#+!] never changes.

So when I hear about a leak like the recent one – I don’t have to go and change my passwords on many many sites. All I did was change the mail address associated with the service.

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