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by on July 9, 2012

Recently did some research for a client and wanted to share parts of that with you. Obviously there is no perfect Reddit post or even a perfect strategy how to get the visibility you look for.

So lets first find out what month to choose – looks like June is our best bet…ok tbh this is a little silly but its in the data so why not show it anyway.

distribmonth The Perfect Reddit Post

Frequency of Posts per Month of 10K top posts on Reddit

Next lets look at what day of the week we should post our soon to be world-changing viral campaign. Looks like Thursday but more importantly we should try and avoid the weekend. Not a big surprise but lets carry on.

top day week The Perfect Reddit Post

Frequency of Posts per Weekday of 10K top posts on Reddit

Now lets see if there is a ideal time of the day to post on reddit. The Chart shows the time of the post in UST so you will have to adjust to match your local time. But in UST the perfect time is 4pm.

perhourdist The Perfect Reddit Post

Top 10k posts on Reddit distribution per hour of day UST

Now lets see which subcategory/subreddit to post to to optimize our chances. Funny enough Funny is the leader here with 16.4% of all top posts made.

topsubpercent The Perfect Reddit Post

Top Subreddit in % of 10.000 most popular posts

Now lets see which platform to use to host the content on – to maximize our chances. The far out winner is with 6884 of the 10.000 posts placed there.

domainfreq The Perfect Reddit Post

Frequency of Destination of 10K top posts on Reddit

So here it goes: Based on the 10.000 most popular posts on Reddit the ideal post would be an image hosted on posted in the funny subreddit at 4 pm UST on a Thursday in June.

You have realized by now that I’m not entirely serious about this post and the findings, as obviously one can’t just follow this and be successful, but as said maybe it can be useful to you to some degree.

I’ve uploaded the data in case someone wants to play with it.

There is more to this so – be sure to stay for the bonus round

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