The Six Steps I wish everyone would follow before they push – Publish

by Frank Fuchs on April 9, 2013

<rant> Bit of a rant, so please forgive me – and I’m the first to admit, that I have often failed to follow these obvious steps many times – as it requires time and effort to follow them.  Just take a look at my old posts for evidence – and then refrain from publicly shaming me – please?

IMHO way too many people jump from Step 1. An Observation to Step 7 writing an informative and accessible article – immediately followed by pushing the Publish button.  </rant>

Six Steps to follow before you post

Six Steps to follow before you post


Anybody else feeling that way?

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sebastien levaillant (@s_levaillant) April 9, 2013 at 1:37 pm

well bottom line is that for:

1-Enterprises, publishing means: creating noise (aka inbound marketing),
2-Journalists, publishing means: giving your opinions (aka screw the fact checking stage)
3-Bloggers, publishing means: generating traffic (aka i’d rather put an ugly google ad up on top of a shitty article to make a few euros than take the time to write a well thought article)

in any case the goal is not about being right in what you write, it’s about being first/fast…and in order to do so you’ve got to take many shortcuts…

Frank Fuchs April 9, 2013 at 1:43 pm

As so often you are right, there are more dimensions to this – agreed. And as said it is somewhat of a rant 🙂 But I still would love to get better/correct informations more often than not. I should have additionally specified that my observations are rather narrowly focused on SEO and Local SEO posts in specific. There is loads of good advice for people looking to optimize what they get from “the web” – but it is buried in a sea of Bozo-Blurps.

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