Frank Fuchs

Frank Fuchs

That is me – Frank Fuchs
I live in Munich Germany these days.


Frank built a B2C E-Commerce platform for Bosch in Italy back in 1999. Helped build the frontend of the first Lycos Shopping search engine, was a core member of the Yahoo! team that built their EU local search engine from scratch, before joining Yahoo! Answers in London where among other things he worked on a large scale community moderation system or co-authored a patented content routing engine. He first joined Microsoft in 2009 to work on Live Search, later Bing. In 2012 he decided to leave and start out on his own, launched a Start-Up as well as working as a consultant. Now he is back at Microsoft as their OSS Evangelist (Operating Systems & Services) where he is charged to drive increased awareness of the Microsoft consumer experience and help increased platform and tool adoption for Microsoft’s OS and services portfolio.

Frank Fuchs


Frank is a creative thinker who has the gift of being able to make highly complex topics and processes comprehensible in a way that everyone can understand. In this way, he brings people with a broad range of expertise together, which lead to innovative and visionary projects.

Over the past 20 years, Frank’s Internet career has allowed him to work with some of the leading brands of the Internet industry, which he continues to do to this day. He was in charge of the Bing search engine at Microsoft in Germany and continued to work as a freelance consultant for the company after he left in 2011 to build a Start-Up. Prior to that he successfully helped build and later managed Yahoo!’s local search and maps product. He also was co-responsible for product strategy and product development of Yahoo! Answers worldwide.

After rejoining Microsoft, he now shares his experience and knowledge in his role as OSS Evangelist where he is charged to drive increased awareness of the Microsoft consumer experience and help increased platform and tool adoption for Microsoft’s operating system and services portfolio.


Microsoft OSS Evangelist (Operating Systems & Services)

where he is charged to drive increased awareness of the Microsoft consumer experience and help increased platform and tool adoption for Microsoft’s OS and services portfolio.

Valopex Consulting – Munich

Founder & Managing Director
2012 to present

Ypeas – Online Business Listing Management Service – Munich

Co-Founder & Managing Director Product
2012 to present

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH – Munich 

Product Manager, Bing
2009 to 2011

Responsible for Microsoft’s Bing search engine and its verticals

Yahoo! Europe – London/UK

Senior Product Manager Yahoo! Answers

Co-owning worldwide responsibility for strategy and development of Yahoo! Answers

Product Manager Yahoo! Local Search & Maps Europe

Yahoo! Deutschland GmbH – Munich

Product Manager Yahoo! Local Search Germany
2006 to 2007

Kaliber42 – Landshut

Internet & E-Commerce Consultant
2004 to 2005

Lycos Europe AG, Bertelsmann – Munich

Product Manager, Team-lead User Experience
2001 to 2004

Robert Bosch S.p.A. – Milan/Italy

Marketing Manager

Professional interests:

Web technologies and its cultural impacts, communications, search, design, web-politics & culture

 Private interests:

Running!, Golf, FITA Bowman literature, travelling, fine arts, culture, technology enthusiast


What people have to say about me

“Frank has worked for me over the last three years and shown tremendous versatility by being a key contributor on multiple products including both Local Search and Yahoo Answers. He is an extremely strong technical product manager with deep dedication & commitment to building great products that drive value for users. In general, Frank is regarded by peers as a great team player and someone very focused getting the right things done. Its been a pleasure to have Frank as a key member of my team over this time, and I would welcome the opportunity again in the future.”
Jeffrey Revoy , VP Europe Search and Global Head of Yahoo Answers , Yahoo

“I worked with Frank on Yahoo! Answers from February-November 2008. Frank is an outstanding Product Manager with a great mix of technical and personal skills and an instinctive feel for a product and the needs of it’s users. Frank is focused on delivering high quality and innovative experiences and instinctively understands how to lead a motivate a team to excel, and it was a pleasure to work with someone of such high-calibre during his time on Answers.”
Dan Peters , Senior Product Manager , Yahoo!

“It was great to work closely with Frank, he’s a very rare breed of a product manager both understanding the product and the landscape it fits into as a business orientated product, but also deeply technical facets of product delivery. Because he easily understands all parts of a product making smart critical decisions came easily. Its great to work with someone so insightful and clever.”
Daniel Adcock , Head of SEO Yahoo! Europe , Yahoo!

“Frank is a highly experienced Internet professional specialised in the are of Web and Local Search (see his locallytype blog). Conversant with commercial and technology he was a valued member of the team who could be relied on to deliver in an effective and timely manner.”
Stuart Winter , Head of Yahoo! Local Search and Maps , Yahoo

“Frank is a strong Product Manager always “in motion”. He collects information about the last trends/products/services on the web + he has strong analytical skills + he is able to speak the languages of marketing, engineers, customers, and partners. If you’re interested in any local market insights, go check out his blog Locally Type ( which i am a great fan of! It is a proof of his knowledge and professional legitimacy.”
Sebastien Levaillant , Product Manager Yahoo Local & Maps, France , Yahoo!

“Frank is a great Internet product professional and has deep visibility into the Search and Local Search businesses, in particular. He is a creative thinker, and I liked working with Frank a lot. Also, Frank is a fantastic team player.”
Volker Glaeser , Director, Media & Search , Yahoo!

“Frank can open door to ideas and concepts even if everybody else is not even aware of the existence of a wall. A very good fellow!”
Gerhard Radetzky , Manager , KALIBER42

“Frank is an extremely committed and creative product manager, who also has a strong technical background. He pushed product management and product design in our company to a whole new level of professionalism, which remains a key element for our business today. I had a great time working with him.”
Rupert Rockinger , Senior Developer , Lycos Europe / Pangora